Georgetown Israel Alliance Posters Defaced


On March 21, the Georgetown Israel Alliance posted fliers across campus, promoting a strong relationship between the United States and Israel and supporting constructive dialogue on the issue. Unknown vandals, however, defaced and tore down many of the group’s posters.

The posters featured quotes from prominent political figures, including former President Barack Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Vandals targeted the posters, tearing them apart and editing them to advance an anti-Israel agenda.

One flier featuring a quote from Senator Warren originally read, “The U.S.-Israel relationship is rooted in shared values and common interests, based on a commitment to liberty, pluralism, and the rule of law.”

The quote was altered by replacing the phrase “liberty, pluralism, and the rule of law” with the words “security, white supremacy, and the rule of money.”

In response to the vandalism, the Georgetown Israel Alliance released a statement on Facebook, accompanied by photos of the defaced posters in Red Square and on the bulletin boards outside of Village A.

“The Georgetown Israel Alliance will not be silenced by these acts of vandalism,” the statement read. “In the face of hatred, we will continue to spread our pro-Israel message of peace and co-existence.”

On March 22, Interim Vice President for Mission and Ministry Rev. Howard Gray, S.J. and Todd A. Olson, Vice President for Student Affairs, sent an email to students about recent reports of bias-related incidents on campus.

The email referenced a swastika that was etched into a residence hall elevator as well as two incidents in which Muslim and Hindu fliers were defaced. The administration condemned these events as blatantly hateful and troubling, while assuring the community that GUPD would investigate the vandalism.

“Acts of vandalism and hate have no place on our campus and are deeply troubling,” the email read.

The university’s email did not to mention the vandalism of the Georgetown Israel Alliance’s posters.


  1. “acts of hate have no place in our community”

    There’s a poster for the hate group antifa literally right next to this israel alliance one in the image, you can see their dumb looking arrow symbol and everything.

  2. Why should we care? When White people put up a poster supporting their identity group, it gets torn down, GUPD opens and investigation, GUSA makes a condemnatory statement, and campus media calls it an act of hate.

    But when Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Latinos, or any non-White group has their posters torn down or defaced, all of a sudden it’s a hate crime.

    Why the double standard? Or is it that at Georgetown, among the powers that be, anyone or anything that is White = Bad and anyone or anything that is non-White = Good?

    That’s the lesson we’re all learning.