GUSA Takes Partisan Stance, Lobbies for DREAM Act


GUSA, Georgetown University’s student government, is launching their Friends of DREAMERS campaign this week in support of the DREAM Act, which would provide a path to naturalization for DACA recipients. Events for the week include social media outreach, a phone bank, a letter-writing campaign to members of Congress, and a visit to Capitol Hill.

In an email to the Georgetown community, GUSA President and Vice President Kamar Mack and Jessica Andino urged students to participate in the events, claiming, “It is imperative that our Senators and Representatives hear our voices.”

This campaign was organized by the GUSA Federal & DC Relations Committee, a group within the student government that focuses on issue-advocacy. The committee distributed flyers across campus detailing their support for the DREAM Act.

This campaign prompted criticism from those who believe GUSA should behave as an apolitical representative organization.

“GUSA is supposed to represent all of us, and the DREAM act is a divisive political issue. Would it be appropriate for GUSA to take a stance on abortion or gun control? This is no different,” said a Georgetown junior.

University President John J. DeGoia has repeatedly expressed his support for the DACA program. In September, he called the Trump administration’s move to end the DACA program “an unconscionable decision affecting eight hundred thousand young people around our country, including students right here at Georgetown.” The university partners with Catholic Charities to provide free legal advice for undocumented students.

The Friends of DREAMERS campaign kicked off on Tuesday, and will conclude on Friday with an advocacy day on the steps of Capitol Hill.