President DeGioia Receives Award for Dealing with Racial Incidents on Campus


On September 18, President John J. DeGioia was given an achievement award by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Washington, D.C. The award is supposed to reflect the principles of equality and is the highest recognition the ADL bestows. The ceremony highlighted DeGioia’s actions that confronted “defamation of Jewish people.”


Most recently, DeGioia answered quickly to the posting of Swastikas around the Georgetown campus by denouncing the acts and immediately trying to identify those responsible. The ADL’s CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, reflected that anti-semitic incidents are becoming more frequent in D.C. and it is hard to find a “university president who moves as quickly and as strongly as [DeGioia].”


Upon accepting the award, the Georgetown President agreed with Greenblatt, saying we do live in “challenging times” with regards to race. He proceeded to  pay tribute to the ADL as a “prophetic voice and enduring presence” that has changed how we approach the issues of defamation.


Other attendees spoke at the event  praising his other related efforts. Particularly, DeGioia has played a significant part in the creation of the “Center for  Jewish Civilization, a student minor, and anti-Semitism awareness and Jewish -Life  programs.”


The event remembered other people on Georgetown’s campus who fought for the same cause. However, DeGioia deserved this award because of the way the efforts and programs for Jewish life have impressively grown under him.