The Impending Tragedy of Theresa May

Theresa May

There is no one better suited to lead Great Britain through the perilous Brexit journey ahead than Theresa May. She is a cautious but commanding leader, cultivates loyalty and exemplifies strategic competence. For this, her inevitable downfall will be all the more tragic.

May’s leadership style is exactly what a Great Britain in crisis needs as Prime Minister. She is a serious woman who has no time for gossip or petty politics. She restrains from catchy sound bytes and instead prefers actually doing her job.

When she entered 10 Downing the press jeered for her to kiss her husband. Certainly such heckling would not have occurred if Mr. May was assuming the office of Prime Minister. In a clever move, she ignored the press proving first that she does not bend to public pressure and second that she is not a tourist attraction like the royal wedding. Her reign as Prime Minister will be focused solely on governing.

May is known to be calculating when forming decisions, but once she has digested all the necessary information to form a decision there is no stopping her. Her cunning strategic mind was demonstrated by throwing out David Cameron’s kitchen cabinet in replace of a meritocracy-driven cabinet. She rewards hard work rather than personal friendships. Her effective leadership style clearly trickles down to explain why her staff is incredibly loyal to her and offers no leaks to the press.

May’s cabinet choices were swift, ruthless, and fitting. Her decision to appoint Boris Johnson as Minister of State was brilliant. A boisterous personality who is seen as the face of Brexit, Johnson is well-suited to crisscross the world selling Britain’s new brand just as he once raised the profile of London as Mayor, all the while often being kept at arm’s length from Parliament. Free enough to be content, but far enough away to not cause May too many problems. May sacked Grove from the government entirely despite his endorsement of her short lived race against Leadsom, limiting any chance of being backstabbed from the inside like Johnson. May created a new Minister of International Trade to double Britain’s efforts to rapidly pursue new free trade agreements and boost exports and diversify globally. In her biggest cabinet decision, May appointed David Davis to head Brexit negotiations, placing a serious politician at Britain’s helm for the next two years.

Her concise first speech upon taking office was directly aimed at those who voted for Brexit and feel left behind by both Conservatives and Labour. She recognized the struggling working class, citizens who have lost their manufacturing jobs to globalization, minority groups who feel discriminated against. May championed herself, and Conservatives, as a Prime Minister and Party that works for all of Britain, not simply the privileged few. While appeasing both Brexitors and Remainers with her cabinet appointments, she drove a dagger straight to the heart of Labour in an effort to expand the Conservative Party and her legitimacy as a unifying Prime Minister. Nothing is treated as out of reach for May.

Theresa May has passed the first tests of Prime Minister with flying colors.

May is no timid woman, indeed she embodies the mold of the Iron Lady. She is cool and calculating and has proven herself to be a pro at juggling dynamic political problems and opportunities all at once. The next decade will seriously hurt Britain’s economy and prosperity due to Brexit. Indeed, even the renewed calls for independence in Scotland and Northern Ireland may again rattle the United Kingdom. Despite this grim reality, Britain has no commander better suited to lead her through these unchartered waters than Theresa May.

Unfortunately, the voters will forget that ultimately they themselves are to blame for the current economic and geopolitical nosedive of Great Britain. By the 2020 elections, perhaps even sooner, May will be characterized by the masses as a failure who caused recession, a divided Britain, and severely diminished the United Kingdom’s influence abroad. The voters will not remember that in 2016 Great Britain could have jumped further off the cliff with someone else as Prime Minister and that May worked selflessly to minimize the damages.

Despite the impending downfall of May caused by short memory spans and political tunnel vision, it is clear from the start of her term that she has the potential to be one of the greatest Prime Ministers Great Britain has ever known.