Trump Supporters Harassed at Georgetown Election Watch Party


Tuesday night’s election watch party held in Healy Student Family Center revealed an unfortunate underside to Georgetown’s political culture. Conservative students who attended the event reported to The Georgetown Review several incidents of political and personal attacks as a result of their support for Donald Trump. In the days following the election, other students noted the increased difficulty of expressing conservative views in classroom discussions.

The students who shared their experiences with The Georgetown Review have asked to remain anonymous in fear of being attacked for their views.

Students who supported Donald Trump and other Republican candidates represented a small minority of those who attended Tuesday night’s event in Healy Family Student Center. These students described a series of slurs and attacks that amounted to what one student called an “overwhelmingly hostile environment.”

Later, an intoxicated student stood up in the center of the room and began shouting insults at Trump supporters. The student yelled, “Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a f—ing asshole who doesn’t deserve to go to this school.”

“Students filing in and out of the crowd took up the habit of blatantly showing us their middle fingers and whispering passive-aggressive personal attacks as they walked past,” one student in attendance described.

Another student noted that he received glares and middle fingers for wearing a red sweater.

As the evening progressed, Trump supporters occupying a small corner towards the back of the room described more explicit attacks. At one point, several students brought speakers directly behind the group and began playing the song “F— Donald Trump.”

Later, an intoxicated student stood up in the center of the room and began shouting insults at Trump supporters. The student yelled, “Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a f—ing asshole who doesn’t deserve to go to this school.”

The insults and attacks left many conservative students disheartened by the treatment and reluctant to share their views.

“On Tuesday night, I lost something. I lost my bravery to be myself at Georgetown,” one student said.

In the days following the election, Trump supporters described an unwelcome academic environment to discuss their views on the election. Students noted that classroom discussions were often dismissive and one-sided.

“I overheard this girl say to our professor that everyone who voted for him is a horrible person,” one student recalled. “The whole class talked about how upset and disgusted they were not just with Trump voters but with all Republicans.”

While shocked by the harassment, students suggested that the attacks should have been expected. Others argued that the incident points to a broader lack of viewpoint diversity at Georgetown, despite the university’s commitment to open dialogue and its belief that “serious and sustained discourse among people of different faiths, cultures, and beliefs promotes intellectual, ethical and spiritual understanding.”

“I cannot tell you how many times I have sat through class and held my tongue for fear of people seeing me differently as a result of my political views,” another student reflected.


  1. “…I lost my bravery to be myself at Georgetown…”
    Good for them. Now they have a very small understand of how minorities feel in VARIOUS institutions.

  2. The editors imply that support for Trump somehow represents a contribution to “serious and sustained discourse”, rather than a black hole that swallows those values and expels in their place bigoted tweets and jingoistic hats.

    In the interest of “promot[ing] intellectual, ethical and spiritual understanding”, please explain where in the rise of Trump one can glimpse intellect, ethics, or spiritual feeling.

    Please keep us posted when these poor, oppressed conservative Hoyas experience increased risk of beatings, deportations, state surveillance, etc. In the meantime, please let your snowflakes know that if I meet them I will make some very rude gestures, and with any luck they will feel uncomfortable for having backed the Klan candidate and put white supremacists and climate deniers in the White House.

    • I love the response of the Left to opposition — it isn’t just wrong, it is so horrible and disgusting that the opponents must be silenced, and with luck, worse. The Left demands tolerance, but gives none. The Left has only itself to blame for the popularity of Trump’s sometimes intentionally outrageous and cartoonish comments, because people are tired of being mocked by intellectual pretenders who accomplish little more than calling everyone a racist.

  3. ‘ “On Tuesday night, I lost something. I lost my bravery to be myself at Georgetown,” one student said. ‘

    Gee, imagine how you’d feel if you replaced “at Georgetown” with “in this country”? Guess you might be mad at the people who were cheering and celebrating that that had just happened!

    Only difference is, while “myself” in the case of your conservative snowflakes refers to beliefs that they can outgrow (hopefully) or conceal, many Americans’ lives are about to get worse based on qualities they can’t shed or hide. Forgive me if I’m not weeping for your young Republicans, whose delicate sensibilities apparently can’t handle their opinions being challenged in (gasp!) a classroom.

    • I watch all of you safe space libstains espouse how horrible and close minded conservatives are, and I realize that what I am listening to is a bunch of “useful idiots” who spew, verbatim, exactly what their leftist professors tell them to say.
      And I can just imagine those same “professors” sitting their like Mr. Burns with their fingers steepled, going “Yes my little puppets, yes, that’s right. say what I tell you to say, and you will recieve a cookie, and you will get a nice pat on the head for saying waht I tell you to say”
      You are nothing more than a parrot who will mimic your owner in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, you will get a cracker.
      Trump is President.
      There are ONLY TWO genders on earth.
      Islam is not compatible with any other group on earth.
      Killary Klintoon was, is, and will always be a criminal.
      Liberals claim to be fighting the “power” while doing the bidding of the very people they claim to despise.
      Black LIES matter, is a terrorist group that was spawned on the lie “Hands up, Don’t shoot.
      Etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
      Well, I hope that you all have now been triggered by my macro, micro, aggressions.
      Also, one last thing.
      There is NO SUCH THING AS “White Privelege”, as it was created in order to give a platform to those who are the most racist on the planet, to bash white people for simply existing.
      Have a day.

  4. “On Tuesday night, I lost something. I lost my bravery to be myself at Georgetown,”
    Wow. If you’re too afraid to voice your political views in the face of criticism then maybe you shouldn’t be holding them in the first place. This is the real world, develop some confidence. Conservatives are some of the main people to voice their frustration against “easily offended liberals” and political correctness, but as soon as someone criticizes their views they want to cry about it and have an existential crisis. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

  5. Maybe there is something to be said in favor of “re-education camps”? When the cacophony of demands from clueless students prevents academic freedom, it’s time for the universities to abandon “sensitivity training” and focus on cattle prods and frontal lobotomies!