White Nationalist Posters Found on Campus


Earlier this week, the white nationalistic group Identity Evropa distributed  posters across Georgetown’s campus. The posters which included messages such as “Serve Your People” and “Our Destiny Is Ours” were found outside of Village A, the Rafik B. Hariri building and several other locations on campus.

On Sunday, Identity Evropa took credit for the posters on their Twitter page. The openly-fascist group seeks to spread their message through social media, protests, and most recently, college poster campaigning.

While it appears to be the work of a non-campus group, Georgetown Chief of Police Jay Gruber said that GUPD is investigating the incident and hopes to identity the perpetrators.

“We are aware of the posters and are investigating,” said Chief Gruber.

Georgetown is one of many universities throughout the country that has been targeted by the group. Recently, Identity Evropa launched what it calls “Project Siege,” a campaign to flood colleges and universities across the United States with similar messages and posters.

“We will not rest until Alt-Right ideas are represented on college campuses nationwide,” read the group’s Twitter page.

Dr. Todd Olson, Vice President for Student Affairs, stated that this type of advertising is not tolerated by Georgetown University.

“Acts of hate will not be tolerated on Georgetown’s campus,” Olson said. “We are a community that welcomes all people and that values understanding, dignity, inclusion and respect.”

The University called on any individuals with knowledge of the incident to speak with GUPD.


  1. How are these acts of hate? The posters are of statues with text saying “Our Destiny is Ours,” “Serve your people,” and “Let’s become great again.” Seems pretty anodyne.

    And please explain how this is different from other race based identity groups at Georgetown seeking to promote their own racial groups . . .

    We have “The Black House” and “Casa Latina,” both race-based housing programs which put on programming with the specific goal promoting black and latino identity and which often put on anti-White events.

    We have a ton of clubs devoted exclusively to the promotion of racial solidarity and advancement by race. They just happen to all be non-White races.

    How come when a group of White people seek to care about their own race it’s a bad thing?

    If it’s wrong for Whites to be proud of their identity and the accomplishments of Whites and the many wonderful things Whites have done, and if Whites feeling solidarity for each other is wrong, then shouldn’t, if we believe in equality and equal treatment, condemn black and latino and asian identity groups WHO DO THE EXACT SAME THING?

    There is a huge double standard here, in addition to a lot of anti-White hate.

    If you think it’s wrong for Whites to be proud of who they are but okay for other races to be proud of who they are, or if you think Whites shouldn’t help and promote each other based on race but think it’s okay for other races to help and promote each other based on race, then you’re a huge hypocrite.